Mi Vida en Venezuela

Por Aarón

1. What would your family income be in VENEZUELA? (Assume your parents had the same job titles in VENEZUELA). (if you don't want to include numbers, you can just say what percent difference it might be - lower or higher)

My family income would be less than it is here in the U.S.
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2. What city and neighborhood would you live in (pick according to your preference and/or parent's job)?

I would live in the city of Caracas in Venezuela in the Gran Caracas area.
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3. What type of dwelling would your family live in (consider income)? How much would rent or your house cost? - make the amount spent comparable to the percentage of income your family spends here.

I would live in a apartment that would cost 75,000,000 VEB.
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4. How many cars would your family have? What types of cars? If you have a driver's license here, would you have one there? What transportation would you use to school and to other activities?

We would have one used Ford Fiesta. I wouldn't have a driver's license. My parents would drive me and I would take the bus for transportation
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5. Where would you go to school?

I would go to The British School Caracas.
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6. What classes would you be taking? What would your schedule be?

I would be taking the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.
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7. What extracurricular activities would you be involved in?

I would be involved in Business Studies and Music.
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8. What activities would you do with your friends after school? What about on weekends?

I would probably play soccer with my friends after school and on the weekends.
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9. Which church would you attend?

I would go to Catedral de Caracas.
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10. What would your typical meals be ? (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks)

I would eat arepas for breakfast, polvorosa de pollo for lunch, pabellon criollo for dinner, and tajadas as snacks.

11. Where would your family shop for groceries?

We would shop at Plansuarez supermarket an dsome local grocery stores for food.
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12. Where would you shop for clothes? Do they cost the same there? (more? Less?). What would you wear to school?

I would shop at Centro Pasillo El Hastillo for clothes. Clothes would cost more than here in the U.S. I would wear a uniform to school.
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13. Who would be a national celebrity you might like?

I would like Edgar Ramírez.
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14. What type of music would you hear? (include a sample on a link with sound).

I would listen to Joropo music.
Promo Joropo

15. Where could you go on vacation? (within the country)

I would travel to Morrocoy National Park for vacation.
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