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November 13, 2015


Our Awesome Educator of the Week is:

Margaret Little

The future is ours because of what you do

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Formative Assessments:

Here's a strategy you can try....


A form of reflection immediately following an activity.

Last Week I Shared:

A-B-C Summaries

Each student in the class is assigned a different letter of the alphabet and they must select a word starting with that letter that is related to the topic being studied.

Trainings & Curriculum Updates

In an effort to keep you fully informed I'm including a link to the Curriculum Courier (admin newsletter). This link will give you access to current and past issues of the newsletter. The Courier will provide you with pertinent information for your grade and content area. Although some weeks are more informative than others you should try to review it regularly.

District meetings:

Becki to Nurse's Meeting 7:30-9 on 11/18

Annelise to Training 9-11 then Gema from 1-4 on 11/19

Lisa to UbD Training on 11/18

Gayla & Skye to UbD Training on 11/19

Jan to Counselor's Meeting on 11/19

Gema to Principal's Institute Dec. 1-3

Coach Meeting for Lisa & Maureen on 12/2

Literacy Academy for Sonya, Dani, Katie, Gayla, & Becca on 12/3?

Cindy to the PE Convention 12/3-4

Annelise to AP Meeting on 12/9

Content Specialists to Meetings (Missy, Becca, Kelly, Teri) on 12/10

Gema (am) and Annelise (pm) to Stepping Up Training (not a dance class)

Jan to Counselor's Meeting on 12/17

KN2K (Knows & Need to Knows)


I attended the first part of my training on the 27th - it was great!

Some things you should know for now (all subject to change based on future training)

  1. APs, District Coaches, and Campuses Coaches will all be trained as trainers. That will give us about 6 UbD "experts" Here to aid in the transition. They are: Me, Annelise, Maureen, Lisa, Megan, Ana
  2. I have the opportunity to invite 1 or 2 educators to participate in Trainer of Trainers training. Gayla & Skye will be our campus reps.
  3. The current plan is that the campus UbD team (see groups referenced above) will lead training at Lakeside beginning in January during our Monday meeting times.
  4. Ideally our training will be completed on Feb. 15th
  5. Expectations for campus UbD process will be established and shared for the remainder of this school year and for next year.

What can you do in the meantime?

  1. Keep thinking about backwards design, PBL, and lesson design.
  2. Review The Learning Framework and our district philosophy in these areas.
  3. Reflect on your day to day and content to content practice.
  4. Think about the questions you might have.
  5. Smile and keep doing the great things you are doing!



16-20) BOOK FAIR (Skye will share a detailed schedule in the coming weeks)

16) Math Meeting for all Math Educators in B201(See Kelly's email) @3:20

17) Gema to Principal's Meeting

19) Kinder Feast



December (Yikes! It's here!)

1-3) Gema to Principal's Institue

3) Literacy Academy

4) Barnes and Noble PTO Party

5) Coppell's Holiday Parade ( I think I may have agreed to be in it)

7) Staff Meeting Monday followed by Staff Party that Night at Cacey's

10) 2nd Grade Program

11) CISD Open House - Choir will perform at the district

14-16) Hour of Code (over the course of 3 days)

16) School Wide Kindness Celebration

  • (details forthcoming - schedule and buddies shared)

17) Class Parties

18) Class Parties, Modified Schedule and EARLY RELEASE FOR KIDS @ 12:50

Happy Birthday


9) Pam Connor

14) Annelise Ford

17) Jan McBride

30) Cindy Bladl

Walking Wednesday...

Walking Wednesday (with warm-ups and a college/Lakeside tee) SignUp

2016 Dates will be available in December. Thanks!

Denim Days...

Wednesdays will be College Days for staff and students

Fridays with a Lakeside or CISD Tee

CISD Foundation Tees on Thursdays will END on 11/19