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Skin First 'Unlimited' Laser Hair removal Promotion

Thank you for your purchase of 'Unlimited' laser Hair Promotion

$199 FOR Unlimited Laser hair removal for 6 months. Value up to $840

Skin First offers Candela Lasers (Gold standard in laser hair removal technology)

Terms and Conditions:

· Choose from 3 areas Laser Hair removal. Choose from:

Upper lip, Chin, Cheeks, Jaw Line, Back of neck, , Front of neck, , Side Burns, Hands, Feet, Navel/ Snail trail, Shoulders, Knees.

· The 3 areas must be the same THREE areas for the duration of the promotion.

· Larger areas will receive a 20% off already discounted Skin First prices.

· In the six month period treatments must be four/five weeks apart for client safety and for the treatment to be effective

Please print this email out and present it to our staff on arrival.

Purchase confirmed $199

You are also entitled to complimentary hair cut at

I will forward your details to them and they will contact you soon.

17 Hollywood Ave, Bondi Junction. 0293877669