Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 21 of Lent: Giving Up Bitterness

The only person I am hurting by holding on to this is myself.


Pope Francis has a Website for Education!

Scholas Labs is an educational entity, launched by Pope Francis, where technology, arts and sports are used to encourage social integration and the culture of encounter.

Its premise is that "technology is the medium that will lead education to its full potential."


President videos

PBS has a nice series of 60-90 second videos on each of the 44 Presidents of the US. The video are colorful, entertaining, besides educational!


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10 Sources for More Effective Online Learning

The Internet offers new and innovative resources and students only need to find out which set of them they need or find useful. With various online resources and tools that they can access on the Internet, they can utilize any of these to widen their knowledge, acquire new skills, and get higher grades in school.


Financial Literacy for K-12

Educators play a significant role in equipping students with the skills and knowledge to make sound financial decisions, so they're better able to weather future financial storms. The following resources include lesson plans, activities and educational tools for various age groups addressing topics related to the National Standards in K–12 Personal Finance Education.