Galloping Into the Future!

Welcome to SWES OCTOBER Edition of our Digital Digest!

We are so excited to introduce our monthly digital digest to you. This digest will highlight the amazing technologies being used by your students, here at SWES and across the county. We will be highlighting safe digital practices that will ensure your digital student has the tools to function in this complex and exciting world! So tune in monthly for the latest news, views and tools!

Changing World, Changing Schools

In case you have not heard! Our world is changing. The work we did as students in our libraries and classrooms has changed remarkably. Today, learning is still about knowing facts, functions, processes, and skills, but it is also about knowing how to FIND the information you need. Knowing how to solve a problem you've never encountered is becoming increasingly important.

Imagine this...you are given a job, told to join with five other people, in other locations, and solve a problem or create a product you know nothing about. That is the job world many of our children will be entering! Through our 1:1 lap-tops for 5th grade initiative and our digital learning platforms, we are preparing our students to take on challenges you and I have not yet imagined. Through EDMODO, our students interact in a safe collaborative environment, both in and out of school, getting support while practicing effective online behaviors. Behaviors they will need to succeed in their future.

Ask your 5th grade child about their online learning tools. Ask your younger children what kinds of technology they interacted with during their school day. You will be surprised to learn how much your students know and have learned about digital tools.