Andrew Jackson

The Zero of our country

Jackson abused his power!

Andrew Jackson vetoed more bills than any other previous presidents. Jackson used the veto twelve times in his two terms in office. People started to doubt him and thought he was abusing his power to veto.

Jackson let thousands of people die

He forced 15,000 Cherokee Indians off their land in Florida and Georgia and migrate to an area known as present-day Oklahoma, the Cherokee's called this act the Trail of Tears because of the devastating effects. 4,000 died from hunger, disease, and exhaustion on the forced march.

He ignored a Supreme Court Ruling!

the Worcester v Georgia Supreme Court ruling said that the Cherokee Nation was a sovereign nation and Georgia could not interfere with the Cherokees, but Jackson didn't care and so he ignored the ruling. He ignored it and went along with his plan anyway.

The Spoils System

"To the victor belongs the spoils," his adversaries called it the in "spoils system"

a Political cartoon by Thomas Nash showing statue of Andrew Jackson on a pig, which is over "fraud," "bribery," and "spoils,"

John Green teaching you about the presidency of Andrew Jackson

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