Longing to see my family

Living conditions during deployment

The issue

The deploys issues are the transient areas that they stay in they space is very small and very limited sometimes there may be 3 or more to a room people are coming in and out of they room they have no sense of privacy or a place to ones self because there is no place to be alone or have leisure time the bathroom are outside portta potty's they are not a custom to the way things were in there own home there having to adjust and get used to there living requirements

Identifying the issue

Basically the soldiers don't have a decent living are home or even space because it's very tiny the bathroom are not like what they would have in there own home there becoming a custom to compact modest rooms with very little space to move around and or have any privacy. This can also affect they way that they sleep if they even go to sleep some may have insomnia.
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What effect it has on military personnel

Deployment has many affects on the personnel you have to deal with separation away they family and or kids. Communication because even though you are allowed to have to skype, talk on the phone and receive letters the connection may not always be the best, you may get called in because a solider has been shot by someone you were in war with at the time. Rumor control his/her spouse may hear that this week they are going into a very treacherous battle the family members may become very concerned and start to have anxieties about you being so far away knowing that if something was to happen they couldn't get to you fast enough
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How the american public views the issue

America looked at it as a perfect way to prepare the military by sending them to another country. By fighting another country. The military views the issue as a problem by getting separated by their families for a long time but they still proud to do it. As in having their own rooms and working in it.Some even worse as in living in porter potties shared with another.

What resources are available to help deployment

The Military Family Resource Centre of the National Capital Region (MFRC-NCR) is there to provide you with support and resources in times of stress or crisis during deployment. If they can’t help you, they’ll refer you to someone who can. Confidentiality is assured.
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