"Fire and Ice" By: Robert Frost

Sariah Tonge

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I think the world represents you, me and all other people. I think the fire represents the hatred in the world. I believe Robert Frost is saying that the only people to bring about the end of the world will be us. I think the ice represents the iciness and cold behavior that people show towards others. When he says he wouldn't mind either of them, I think it's because we brought it on our selves.
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I think the theme of "Fire and Ice" is to be careful of the way you treat other people. Hatred and cold behavior towards others is never a good habit to have. It only makes you grumpy, mean, and unlikable. It destroys your sense of self-worth and the light you have in your eyes. We are all born to be great people, and I think as Robert Frost wrote this poem, he was thinking of someone who had let their hatred and iciness destroy them.
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Metaphorical Comparison

You are the world. The fire is in you! The ice is in you! It is up to you to let it destroy you or not! This is what I believe is Robert Frost's metaphorical comparison. It applies to every person around the world. Are we going to let wars and hatred for other people be the downfall of our selves? I don't believe so. He says that he'd be willing to let the world perish twice. If you are the world, and you let yourself perish, then it's your fault, and it won't really matter if it's by fire or ice, because it could be both.