CLAD Wind Energy

Persuading you to use wind energy,and why you should! :D

All of the reasons you should use wind energy to power your city! :D

The GREAT reasons why wind energy is the go-to renewable resource! (aka pros)

Wind energy is a green energy and does not cause pollution!

The energy produced is 20x more than a population needs!

Wind energy is a renewable resource!

Wind energy makes up 25% of the world's electricity!

Prices have decreased 80% since 1980!

Wind turbines can be placed on water!

BAD side affects with the GREAT reasons you should use wind energy D:

Wind is unpredictable it could stop and it could go, it isn't consistent! :(

A 100kW wind turbine costs around 350,000 dollars and breaks after 10-20 years. :(

Birds, and other flying creatures have a slim chance of surviving when hit by a spinning blade. :(

Wind turbines are very noisy and that could very well be a problem >:{
Wind turbines don't work when there is no wind plus they need a lot of land to build :[

Wind is a fluctuating (intermittent) source of energy and is not suited to meet the base load energy demand unless some form of energy storage is utilized *-*

This is our design for our own improved wind turbine!

Our wind turbine is on a highway,18ft off of the ground, put vertically on a pole, which has small blades, which are turned by air pushed off the top of speeding cars.The pole that hold the turbine together is pushed by stronger winds, to produce more energy than usual.