Black-Footed Ferrets

A Furry Comeback

Need to Know

The Black-Footed Ferret, or Mustela Nigripes, is an endangered species in which the population is approximately 1,000 left in the wild. They belong in the kingdom of Anamilia, their Phylum Chordata, the Class Mammalia, the Order Carnivora, the Family Mustelidae, and the Genus Mustela. They can only be found in mountain basins, but more commonly in the Northern Great Plains and are struggling to survive with the decrease in Prairie Dog population in the areas the ferrets live in.

What Causes their Endangerment?


Black-footed Ferrets are facing harsh threats to their population and environments. Humans are plowing grasslands for farming, which destroyed their shelter. Grasslands and shrub lands have been destroyed by poisoning and exotic diseases. Prairie Dog colonies have been reduced to less than 5% due to humans shooting at them, simply to attempt to eradicate their population, and because of the Sylvatic Plague, which is a bacterial disease that can get transferred by fleas.


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is trying to help the Black-footed Ferret population by building the conditions that are needed for their sustainability. They are also safely relocating prairie dogs for the ferrets' main food source. I believe that if we can donate money to WWF, then we can help them on funds to build safer habitats. We can also come together to teach schools about these miniature brown raccoons to try to get volunteer work, donations, or simply just to get the word spread about these endangered species.