Senior Check List

Things to Do Before Graduation

Hey Seniors!

Wow! What a wild couple of weeks this has been! Your school counselors want you to know that we are so very proud of the determination and courage you have demonstrated during these uncertain times. Your positivity and resiliency does not go unnoticed.

Typically, we would be meeting with you all around this time of year to discuss the end-of-the-year festivities, but since all of our lives look a little different right now, this newsletter will have to do.

Please take your time to review each component of this update as at least one item below will apply to you in some way.

Final Transcript Request

The time has come for you to let Mrs. Williams know where you would like your final transcript sent after graduation! We have made this process super easy for you! All you need to do is complete this Google Form (it is super short and super simple).

If you are planning to attend college after graduation and would like your final transcript mailed to them, please indicate where you will be attending in the Fall.

If you are not planning to attend college in the Fall, you may request that a copy of your final transcript be mailed to your home.

Here is the link --

Senior Exit Survey

Awards Day is right around the corner! We are still planning something to recognize your efforts and hard work! In order to be recognized at Awards Day your completion of this form is REQUIRED. Failure to complete this form correctly could result in your accomplishments being left out of the program! If you have any questions about this form you can contact Mrs. Slagle at

If you have already completed this form there is no need to submit it again! If you need to make changes you can email Mrs. Slagle with the changes you need to make!

The final deadline for this is Monday, May 4th, 2020.

Here is the link --

THS Flip the Switch Challenge

For this year's College Signing Day celebration we are asking you to join the THS Flip the Switch Challenge! We want you to submit a TikTok of yourself in your Tennessee High gear, and then flip into gear, or hold a sign, of the college you'll be attending. This way you can announce to the world where you're going to school in the Fall!

You may submit an actual TikTok video, or just film a video of yourself doing the same thing. If you do not wish to make a video you can submit a photo of yourself representing your college to be added to the video. If you would like an example of this, please reference the email sent by Mrs. Slagle with the subject line THS Flip the Switch Challenge.

Please send your videos as a downloadable attachment to Mr. Drew Gray at to be compiled into one big video for the senior class.

Videos are due Monday, May 4th! This is a hard deadline so no entries will be accepted for the collective video beyond this date. Be creative!

Mandatory TN Promise Webinar Information

In light of the recent CDC recommendations, TN Achieves (the supervising body for East Tennessee) has cancelled all in-school Tennessee Promise meetings for the year.

Students must now watch an online webinar to fulfill the mandatory meeting requirement.

The webinar MUST be watched prior to May 15th, 2020

To access the webinar, please follow the directions below:

  1. Students must go to this link
  2. This link will ask you to sign in using your log in information.
  3. Once you log in, you will be redirected to a YouTube seminar, and must watch the 37-minute Tennessee Promise info video.
  4. The website tracks how long you watch the video. Notification of your completion is only sent after the video is completed.

If you have trouble accessing your TN Promise account, you can either retrieve your password by requesting password assistance or by calling the TSAC Helpline (1-800-342-1663) to reset your account.

Work Ethic Diploma

If you have not registered for the Work Ethic Diploma be sure to do so! You can register at this link --

Once you have registered by using the website above you will be able to complete the form below to submit your points. This needs to be done ASAP :)


Are you looking for more scholarship dollars to help fund your college tuition? Look no more! (just kidding...always keep looking for more scholarships!) We have added several new scholarships to the THS website! Many of these applications are due May 1st. Follow the link to check out the available scholarships!

Things To Do For College

Chances are you still have a list of things to do in order to get ready for college in the fall. This is not a complete list by any means, but hopefully it will help jog your memory! :)

- Submit any missing application materials if you haven't already.

- Confirm your attendance at your prospective university.

- Accept any financial aid awards that you have been given.

- Submit your applications for housing.

- Schedule your orientation.

- If you need to participate in any additional testing, schedule that too!

- Make a list of materials and supplies you will need (dorm room necessities too)

- Make sure the school you will be attending is your first choice on your FAFSA!

Staying on top of these things can drastically reduce the amount of stress you feel this summer! Keep in mind, however, that many college campuses across the nation are currently closed, so scheduling college visits and/or completing the tasks above on campus might be a little difficult right now. Be sure to stay in communication with your Admissions Advisor at your respective colleges for the latest information on how to navigate these items!

A Message for Students Attending Northeast State

Our Niswonger College Access Advisor, Drew Gray, recorded this video for you to help you navigate through these times as you work towards completing your College Check List! You can watch the interview here --

A Message for Students Attending ETSU

Here are some important resources for seniors who are planning to attend ETSU! Drew has recorded a Q&A meeting he had with ETSU admissions for what seniors needs to know about ETSU right now -

If you have not yet created or access your GoldLink Account (ETSU Student portal) or ETSU Email, Drew has also made a video on how to create your account, and what important things you need to look for!

A Message for Prospective King Students

Our friends at King University have put together this special video to help you navigate through these times as you make your final college decisions! Take a look!

Contact Your School Counselor

Last Names A - E contact Mrs. Leslie Skeens at

Last Names F - K contact Mrs. Brittany Slagle at

Last Names L - R contact Ms. Rachel Fleenor at

Last Names S - Z contact Mr. Reece Henry at