Role of Women in India and the US

By Adrian Hernandez and Elijah Keller

Role of Women in India

The role of women in India, while having changed much for the better, still has much that it can improve upon. Originally, the role of women in India was to bear and raise children, take care of her husband and his house, and basically batten down the hatches on the home front. Daughters would be put to work at an early age, until they were old enough to marry (around twelve years of age), then they would have a marriage arranged for them, and were given off with a dowry. When they entered their new husband's home they were expected to bring him children and take care of their well-being. There was typically no education to be had and should the husband die before the wife, the wife was pushed onto the man's funeral pyre in order for her to burn to death, and join him in the afterlife.

Today there have been fairly large steps taken for women's rights in India, many young women can have an education, and have a job outside the house. However, women are still expected to both see to their husband's needs and keep the house in order. These reforms are typically seen in large cities where these laws are much easier to enforce. Many small towns and villages still practice the traditional roles of women, including the ceremonial killing of the wives on the husband's funeral pyre.

Role of Women in America

Much like India, the role of women in America was traditionally to take care of the house, take care of their husbands, and bear the family children. Unlike India however, women in America have much more rights that they can now exercise. Originally, women had to dress a certain way in order for them to be more pleasing to men's eyes, they didn't have the right to vote, nor the right to file for a divorce.

Many women today have basically the same rights as men, they can own land, dress how they like, file for a divorce, vote, and pretty much do what type of work they like best. They have the freedom to choose how to go about their life, and the right to the same freedoms that men have in a daily basis. Comapared to India, women in the U.S. are allowed very similar rights to men.

America vs India

India is progressing towards the same level of gender equality present the United States. There are still hate crimes towards women in India and rape still continues to be an issue, but with time that will decrease. Both the US and India allow women do almost anything, but India still has a traditional culture that ties them down to the house, doing chores, and raising children. Females are still lesser than men in India, but it is getting better.