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Newsletter for the week of March 14!

Up Coming Events

Spring Break- March 21-25th

Wear Green on Thursday, March 17th to support Cerebral Palsy!

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Dress like Your Favorite Decade on Friday, March 18th!

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Pop Tab Collection is still going on ends April 29th!

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Thanks for all the pop tab donations!

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Padlet is a site where you can share ideas as a class. Our class novel is call the chocolate touch, it's a fabulous book about a boy who enjoys eating CHOCOLATE! After he eats this piece of chocolate given to him now everything he eats turns into chocolate. On the padlet you can see the one food item your child would want to turn into chocolate!

I want to encourage you to post your own comment for your child to see. To post onto the padlet all you have to do is simply double click on the screen and then a text box will appear for you to write! You can put your name or ______'s Dad or Mom as the title, which ever you prefer!

Below is the book trailer for The Chocolate Touch!

Book Trailer: The chocolate touch

Math- Measurement

We have begun our next unit in math measurement. We are going to start by discussing weight, length, and capacity. Then we will look at length and measurement with inches, feet, and yards. Also, we will talk about centimeters and meters. Near the end of our unit we will discuss area and perimeter. We have tons of measuring to do!

Story of the Week

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Phonics List

This weeks phonics list!

  1. laugh
  2. bring
  3. rock
  4. lock
  5. king
  6. sing
  7. phase
  8. phonics
  9. enough
  10. elephant

Science- Natural Resources

We have finished our Landforms unit and they all did amazing on their tests! Our next unit we are beginning is Natural Resources which we are building on all that we learned on our field trip last week!


There will be math homework Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No speed drill this week!

Have a great week!