Brain Development Parent Brochure

By:Kelsie Smith & Mallory Loehner

10 Activities for Parents To Help Children

  • Reading out loud

  • Playing board games

  • Play rhyming games with your child

  • Have your children act out stories and use their imagination

  • Flashcards

  • Make art projects

  • Verbal games - Simon says/ Ispy

  • Coloring/ painting

  • Obstacle courses

  • Dress up

Gardeners Multiple Intelligences

Verbal- linguistic- Written and spoken words

  • Reading out loud

Logical- mathematical- Good at finding relationships and finding the differences in things

  • Puzzles

Visual-spatial- Better learning with pictures other than words

  • Art projects

Musical- Recognize rhythms and create different beats to remember

  • Musical instruments

Bodily-kinesthetic- Good motor skills and better learning with their body and being active

  • Playing sports

Interpersonal- Better working in groups and working with other people

  • Group projects and games

Intrapersonal- Better working on their own and are more aware of emotions,beliefs and goals

  • Writing

Naturalistic- Better at understanding and organizing patterns

  • Going out and identifying different trees and plants

School Readiness

  • Activities to learn to count

  • Activities to help learn alphabet

  • Activities to help learn how to spell name

  • Activities to help categorize things

  • Activities to help learn colors

  • Activities to help with pronouncing words

Healthy Meals


  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • No bake cookies

  • Pretzels


  • Cereal

  • Fruit

  • Yogurt

  • Granola bar

  • Pancakes & Eggs


  • Pizza

  • Mac & cheese

  • Sandwiches

  • Chips


  • Pizza crescents

  • Chicken nuggets