Updates from the West

News for March 18-22

This Week...

Monday, March 18
Picture Day
Bohne Out PM (no afternoon groups)
Celebration Game Day - Snacks provided by PTO
9:00 - DC Planning Meeting

Tuesday, March 19
8:30 - Principal's Meeting (Rummel)
1:10 - Puberty Talks (5th Grade)
2:15 - Badminton Tournament

Wednesday, March 20
Life Safety Inspection - Please see note below in preparation
2:15 - Badminton Tournament
2:20 - AR Problem Solving (Yarcho)
3:30 - CPR Refresher Class

Thursday, March 21
2nd Grade Fieldtrip
Rummel Out - Dale to cover meetings
8:15 - HC IEP (Nelson, Groezinger)
9:00 - NB IEP (Nelson, Groezinger)
9:45 - GS IEP (Nelson, Yarcho)
10:45 - BM IEP (Nelson, Yarcho)
2:00 - JO IEP (Render, Wrage)
Bohne to cover Wrage at 2:00

Friday, March 22

Upcoming Dates
March 25 - Spring Break
April 3 - Problem Solving 2:20 - NB (Steiger) 2:40 - AM (Wrage)
April 5 - SILT (This is a Friday.)
April 8 - Third Grade meetings (South)
April 9 - Fourth Grade meetings (West)
April 10 - Problem Solving 2:20 - KL (Brand) 2:40 - SG (Groezinger)
April 11 - Fifth Grade meeting (North)
April 11 - Kindergarten Orientation (Previously referred to as Kindergarten Registration) 5-7 pm
April 12 - GRASP forms due back
May 6-7 - Book Fair BOGO - No preview day...
May 8 - Field Day
May 10 - Volunteer Reception (12:30)
May 16 - Awards Assembly (8:30)

Staying in the Know...

Spring Break - There will be maintenance work conducted in the building over spring break. Please use your break as an opportunity to recharge yourself away from the building, you've earned it!! (District Goal 3, Building Facilities)

Celebration Day - At the last SILT meeting we discussed having a "stress down day" or celebration day following ISAT testing. Our Celebration Day will be Monday, March 18th. We are celebrating our students and their outstanding performance on ISATs. PTO will provide a healthy snack for your class. We're asking that all classes allow the students a game time (1.5 hours). Students can either play games you have in the room or bring games from home. Please keep in mind this is picture day, so you may want to hold off on pjs or other incentives until later in the week. If you have questions, ask a SILT member.

PARCC Update - From Chris Koch

Today the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is releasing two items to help us as we move forward in implementing the new learning standards and plan for the new assessments.

(I deleted this paragraph it pertains to the needed technology for implementation.)

In addition to the capacity planning tool, PARCC is releasing guidance about estimated time on task for testing. This is a test that many educators have been asking for, for a long time. It’s not simply filling in a bubble, but requires students to apply knowledge and a higher level of thinking. These assessments will require some additional time than what is currently required, however, each grade level will be assessed for writing in English Language Arts and extended explanation for calculations in math which is not occurring now and they will also be broken up to include separate sessions for performance-based and end-of-year assessments instead of one single window. Estimates for testing are as follows:

• Grade 3 – 8 hours

• Grades 4 and 5 – just more than 9 hours

• Grades 6,7 and 8 – a little less than 9.5 hours

• High School – a little less than 9.5 hours

There will be two four-week testing windows for test administration and the capacity planning tool will help determine how many days schools will need for testing. You can access the guidance and planning tools at www.isbe.net/assessment/parcc.htm or www.PARCConline.org.

(District Goal1, Student Achievement)

Life Safety Inspection - Our Life Safety Inspection will be March 20th. Please remove magnets and door stops prior to the inspection. You'll also need to remove everything hanging from the ceiling. Please be sure that your room is not cluttered, things are out of the hall, and items are not stacked to the ceiling. If you have questions, please let me know. (District Goal 3, Student Safety)

Something Fun - I thought it would be nice to do something just because it is fun. I have an activity for you, but I need your help. Please bring in a photocopy of a picture from when you were a child (around the age of the kids you currently work with would be great). And, I ask you for a copy, because I don't want to be responsible for losing it. If you scan it in, you can email it to me and I'll have it in color. Your picture will make for a nice fun game. There will be prizes, so don't share your picture. I would like all pictures before break if possible. (District Goal 3, Working Environment)

Calling in Sick?

Mr. Dale - ext. 6257 cell: 309-261-1486
Dr. Rummel - ext. 6010 cell: 309-846-2139 home: 309-963-4263