Sawyer Nelson

By:Jaymee Srenaski

Have you ever helped save a dolphins life? Or helped a dolphin to safety? Well Sawyer Nelson has. If fact he helped save a dying dolphin? Well Sawyer Nelson has. Infact he helped saved a dying dolphin that lost its tail!It was amazing what he did especially since he was only 10 when it happened! In summer he saved that dolphin on his way to summer school.

His full name is Sawyer Nicole Nelson. He lived in Florida for 5 years, but before he lived in Arizona. His birthday is January 12, 1998. His dad died when he was in between 2-5 years old and he was so depressed. His mom is Elisha Nelson and he got saving the dolphin from Hazel Hasket.

Here's winter still in the crab trap

What Sawyer Nelson did!

He was so happy when he found out that he got to name the dolphin! He decided to name it winter. Everyone that's read the book or watched the movie "dolphin tale" knows who he is and what he's known for! He also had to break a crab trap that winters tale was caught in when a boat was coming at him, luckily Sawyer moved the dolphin, but the bad part is he lost his tail.

That was so brave of him! So if you're interested in seeing Winter and possibly Sawyer, ask your parents to take a fun little trip to Florida and go to aqua aquarium and look at the dolphins,P.S. look for the one with a plastic tail!

Here's Sawyer playing with Winter!!! (Don't worry Winters not biting, hes having FUN!!!!!)


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