The Sound Of Music

The theatre's alive with the sound of music!


The Sound of Music is about a women named Maria. One day Maria is kicked out of a nunnery and is given the opportunity to be a governess for the Von Trapp family and their seven children. She becomes very fond of the children and teaches them how to sing.

These are a few of my favorite facts

5 Facts

1.The musical opened on November 16th 1959.

2.It was made into a film.

3.It was written by Richard Rogers.

4. The lyrics were made by Oscar Hammerstein II

5. The original Broadway production starred Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel

3 Interesting facts

1.The producers were originally going to make it a straight play.

2.It was originally based on the memoir of Maria Von Trapp.

3.Hamerstein the second ( he created the lyrics ) died of cancer nine months after the Broadway premiere.


Mary Martin (Maria)

Theodore Bikel (Captain Von Trapp)


Two of the songs in The Sound Of Music were:

"Favorite Things"

" Do-Re-Mi"


One of the awards The Sound of Music received was:

Tony Award for Best Musical

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