Education Matters #3

Finding out what works

Getting ready for the 17th October - our next CPrD event

This Friday sees the next meeting of our research CPrD groups. I am very pleased to announce that Dr Phil Wood from University of Leicester will be supporting us this week. From the last session, groups have been formed around a focus area with groups looking at the relevant literature review - this can be from academic research papers, teacher blogs, books or any source of information where either teachers or academics share what they have done and what impact they have had. Please can you bring a summary of this work to Friday's session

Dr Phil Wood - One of our Research Partners for this year

Dr Wood will be presenting this Friday about how to best to take research and literature into your classroom and to see if can address the area you have identified. You can find out more here

Dr Wood will be helping to develop our projects to be both more academic but also making it more shareable for colleagues elsewhere. He will also be working with Roberto to conduct a parallel evaluation to check that this work is on track.

Research Round up

Research and evidence based work linked to the themes and focus areas

In this week's round up, i have focused on some areas I know staff are interested in - life without levels, formative lesson observations, flipped learning, quality of feedback. These might not be the best papers or work for you to conduct your study but keep looking. We will soon be able to access a large range of papers to support both our understanding and also the quality of our practice.

Life without levels research, evidence and ideas

Formative lesson observation to develop teacher effectiveness

Quality of feedback