AVID 1st semester Exam

Logan wilson

Cornell notes

in AVID we have to learn how to do Cornell notes correctly. we usually have Cornell note checks every week. Cornell notes are important in AVID, and for every class. I learned that doing notes is really good.



TRFs are important because they help you better think out your question. it helps you better interact with your group. TRFs help you understand your question. i learned to better do trfs and answer my questions better.



I learned to better present using my notes. I also used public speaking terms to help me. i feel that now i can present ab lot better that i could a year ago.

citation: fmsavid.weebly.com

Needs improvment

I need improvement on not being shy. I also need to work on not saying stuff like "um." I also need to work on eye contact, because i often look around.

citation: worldartsme.com


I think that i have really improved on my organization. From last year top now i have changed so much organization wise. I have made my binder way more organized that i have had in the past.



I have grown a lot in tutorials, i did not want to do it the first few weeks. Now I present every week. I have learned to interact with my classmates and find the answer to my question.

citation: cjonline.com


I will try to be more open and less shy. I will make more eye contact so i can be better at being more open. this semester i will try to work harder and be more determined.