McMillan Monday Memo

To: McMillan Faculty and Staff

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PLCs and iSupport

Below is a new schedule for PLC Training and review of SLOs.

We will review data next week, utilizing the profiling we started at the beginning of the year.

PLC / iSupport Schedule for January***NOTE THE CHANGES***

  • Kinder - Jan 25 - SLOs, Jan. 26 - PLC Tr.
  • 1st - Jan 26 - PLC Tr, Jan. 28 - SLOs
  • 2nd - Jan. 27 - PLC, Jan. 29 - SLOs
  • 3rd - Jan. 29 - SLOs, Feb. 1 - PLC Tr
  • 4th - Jan. 28 - SLOs, Feb. 1 - PLC
  • 5th - Jan. 28 - SLOs
  • 6th - Jan. 27 - PLC Tr, Jan. 28 - SLOs

***These times are just those that I will be in attendance in order to do some training. If you have PLC and/or iSupport Time not listed here, you will use your time as a regular PLC.


LINDA AUWERDA! Linda may seem quiet, but oh so knowledgeable and incredibly organized. If you ever want ideas on how to get students to learn...just ask her. Better yet, check out her files...I mean binders...of curriculum ideas. The care and concern she has to ensure her students are learning often creates emotions in her that shows her unfailing love and willingness to do whatever it takes to help her students be successful.

CHERYL WEISS! Talented? To say the least. If you ever want to be entertained and learn at the same time, just visit Cheryl's room. She has a way of teaching that keeps, not only her students interested, but any adult (like me) completely engaged in what she is teaching. The environment she creates makes her students love learning. Her students return year after year, as they loved her as a teacher and they know she truly cared about them.

MITCH MCMILLAN AND SUE GROVES! These two amazing people keep us clean and healthy. Not only that but they add the perfect support to supervising and assisting our students in so many ways. Mitch is everyone's much fun! Sue is sure to keep everyone on their toes...making sure students are taken care of. We often take for granted the many things that they do they keep us running smoothly. Hopefully they know how much we appreciate them and their constant willingness to help us out!!!


Teachers - if you have anyone asking you about opting out of testing (such as SAGE) they need to complete a form provided by the state. Have them see me.

If they have previously opted out, they must still complete another form, as it is necessary for students/parents to opt out each year.