My Life Sandwich

By: Ekene Onyejiaka

Top Slice Of Bread

"C'mon, hurry up and get into the car!" My dad yelled at my siblings and I. My family were starting a new life in a new town, Forney, Texas. After moving from school-to-school in Rockwall and even Dallas, we were finally settling down. The most exciting part was finally meeting people and being able to stay friends. I was able to meet my friends Camryn, Precious, Cole Lee, Gaby, and Hannah. Then next year we added Gianna to our special group of friends. As elementary school ended, we got ready for middle school together. I've had a lot of people inspire me to be a better person, including these people. Even if I might seem very crazy to them, they're always there for me. My family are a big part of me. Without them I wuldn't be who I am today. They always will support me no matter what. They also supported me when I went to middle school. The made sure i was prepared and that i was ready to go. It was like a whole new world. With my family and friends by my side, I feel invincible. They are the peanut to my butter, the wifi to my cell phone, and the fish in my ocean.

American Cheese

"Swish!" The basket said as i shot the basketball through it. I was at my first basketball game. Basketball is my favorite sport so when I was finally able to play it, I was excited. My team was so good, we almost won all our games. My mom liked the idea of me exercising while being able to have fun and make friends, so she signed me up for soccer. It was amazing to be outside while doing the thing that that i love. After the seasons where over, I needed something to occupy my time, so I started reading. It was the only thing I was willing to do because I didn't really want to play any other sports and it was more interesting than watching T.V.. I'll read anything. I'll read mystery, drama, science fiction, comic books, etc. as long as it was interesting. These three things are most important to me. Without them I would be bored to death.

Swiss Cheese

"Be quiet, I'm trying to sleep!" I yelled at my brother to stop banging on my door. He was louder than my tuba. All I could hear were my siblings yelling and banging outside my door. Tobechi, me seven year old baby brother is very loud. All he ever does is scream, dance, and sing nonexistent words. Even tough he is fun to be around he can be a pain, but I love him anyways. Then there's Chido, my older brother that's almost fifteen years old. He mostly doesn't talk but when he does he can be nice, but then there are the times when I wonder what's going on in his head. He could be nice one minute and mean the next, but at this moment he was being the latter. He was outside helping Tobechi destroy my eardrums. They were as loud as a lion roaring in a dogs ear which was making my head explode. Then last but not least, Amara, my seventeen year old sister. She was standing outside my door telling me that my mom wants me. We get along better than my brothers, but that doesn't stop us from annoying each other every single day.She was quiet the, but the fact that I was trying to sleep didn't make it any better. Even though I could be the same way to them, it'll still be better if they let me sleep. No matter how many times we fight and argue, I'll always love them 'till the very end.

Slice of Cheese

"Oh my goodness, you made A honor roll!" My parents yelled in excitement. It was the first time I had made such an achievement, and I was very proud of myself, but not as proud of my parents. They were screaming with joy, calling relatives, and telling them the good news. Both of my parents were born and raised in Nigeria, so they grew up in a different time and environment then I did. My family is known for working hard on both of my parents side, so I try my best to do the same thing and see my hard work pay of as I get older. That's why my goal for me as of now is to make all A's because it shows my parents that I can live up to the family name and it gives me great opportunities. My parents always taught me that to accomplish my goals you need to go for it and go all the way, so when they see me doing those things it makes me proud of myself, especially when I see them cheering for me. Without them I wouldn't be the hardworking person I am today. I'd always tell them what I was going to do , and I showed them my actions speak louder then words.

Lettuce (Poem)

I remember when I was a child

So young and wild

I flipped through the channels while wearing my flannel

And landed on the Disney Channel

I could not believe what was in front of my eyes

It was something I could not despise

I looked on the screen and saw their perfect twirls

It was the one and only, the Cheetah Girls

I saw my new inspiration in front of my eyes

A feeling inside me, something that never dies

They preformed in there, the shining stars

They started to cover most of my scars

They taught me how your real friends will always be there

Even if they're gone they'll linger in the air

As for them they gave my world a whole new light

freed my heart from anger and strife.


"I'll always be with you." Baymax said to Hiro in the movie Big Hero 6. At this moment, I've cried three times during this move. I've heard people say that this movie is sad, but I never really understood. I thought "It's a super hero movie, what's so sad about that?", and then I finally got the chance of watching it. At first it seemed like a lighthearted movie until the movie's main character brother had died. The event and the event afterwards just made me ball my eyes out. After I was done drying my eyes out, for some reason I tought that would be the only tear-jerker, but I was wrong. When Hiro finally caught the bad guy, he attempted to make his robot companion, Baymax, destroy him but Baymax showed videos of Hiro's late brother. Not only was Hiro crying but I was, too. Last, Hiro and Baymax rescued someone but at the cost of Baymax's life. his was the part where I cried the most. He was such a lovable character, but they brang him back to life, which upset me even more because I wasted all those tear for nothing. The big bubbly blue movie blew my basic mind.


"Oh man, why didn't I do my project!" I questioned myself unsettingly. It was the day to turn in my project in the third grade. Surprisingly, I didn't do it, and I was quite disappointing in myself. As I arrived to school all I could see were my other classmates turning in their projects. I just sat there without my own. The hard part was having to tell my teacher. As I saw her turn the hallway, my heart started to thump louder and faster. I could feel my anxiousness soaring, my hands were dripping in sweat. I was nervous thinking about the irreplaceable zero, affecting my report card. As she was getting closer, I could smell the disappointment that would soon come from her. She finally came through the door. I walked up to her and told her the truth and I was not at all surprised by her reaction. She was as upset but not as upset as I was. All throughout the day I just sat down In my chair as everyone was presenting their projects to each other. Not only was I mad at myself, but this moment also taught me not to procrastinate.


"C'mon, lets go to the slides!" I yelled to my friends as it was time for recess. It was toward the end of the school day in the sixth grade. Every time m friends and I would come out we would either go on the the swings or the big slide, and today we were going on the big slide. For some some reason, we thought this was a good idea even though it rained sometime that week. When someone would go down the slide, they would stand up and skip the bottom part which was wet. When it was time to leave, I forgot to do this and splashed through the water that was sitting there waiting for me to go through it. As I realized my mistake, my friends started to laugh. I was laughing too, but upset at the same time because I got my pants wet and people would think that I peed myself if they saw it. he solution to this was to walk out with my backpack hung low on my back and all my friends were laughing at me when the saw me doing that. It wasn't as bad as it could be, but it was not enjoyable.

Bottom Slice of Bread

The biggest journey can come from your smallest steps and can change your life forever. Everyday I do the best that I can and I plan on doing so when I get older also. It would be recommended because I plan on being a doctor, specifically an anesthesiologist. I also plan on being a businesswoman and I want to get my doctorate degree in college. I have three colleges i plan on going to which is the University of California, The University if Texas at Austin, and Texas A&M University. With the support of my family and friends, I feel excited to follow my dreams. When I grow up I want people to be able to look up to me. I want to inspire kids and show them that it's possible to follow their dreams. Not only do I want to inspire kids, but I wanna inspire teenagers and adults, too. I want to be the same person I am now, crazy, kind, smart, and hardworking, but i'll just be older and I'll have a job. Without the things I've been through, the things I've seen, and the things I've learned I probably wouldn't have been able to think that I was capable of doing all of these.
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