Exploratory Wheel: Computers 6

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Computers are Installed!

Our computer lab now has 60 brand new Lenovo stand-alone computers! As you may know, our lab was equipped with server-based computers and we were struggling to acommodate all the web-based applications we use, especially those utilizing flash graphics. With the new computers, there should no longer be any issues with band-width, or flash dependent sites, such as Typing Web and Reading Plus. We are grateful to Mrs. Kunze for listening and making our needs a priority. Unfortunately, she had to spend money allocated for next year's 7th grade computer lab. We now need to raise money to equip the computer lab for our students for next year. Please consider a small donation to help us with this need. No amount is too small, and if we all pitch in, we know the lab will be in place for students to continue computer education for 7th grade.

Student Writing Showcase

Prompt: What are the reasons for the decline of the panda population?

There are many reasons why the declining of pandas may be occurring. First of all, the bamboo (which is what they eat) is starting to die off. Every 20 years the bamboo dies. That is a very big problem considering they eat about 14 hours a day! Another reason is poaching. Poaching is a big problem because pandas are killed for hunting trophies, fur, and other things like food. Believe it or not, another variable in the panda population decline is humans. For example, we kill a lot of bamboo when we build houses, cabins, and other man-made buildings in the pandas habitat. Another reason we aren’t helping them is logging. Think about this, every time we cut down a tree in China we are basically destroying a panda den. If pandas become extinct, and we play a role in that, how would that make you feel? I hope after you have read this, you are now on the side of the amazing panda!

by Brandon Aristimuno, Silver 3 Class

This Week's Web Favorites

Working with the Standards


"Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of science and technical texts."

What, exactly, does this mean? Check out this video explanation from the teaching channel. A great resource for parents to see what the standards look like in a typical language arts classroom. In a technology classroom, we may simply use an article from Scholastic News online, or Tween Tribune, instructing students to analyze the article and extract evidence in a similar way. Students should learn to look for evidence-based terminology in their reading.