By Jackson Froehlich


Do you want to know about the KC Royals in 1985.”well I do”

GO KC!!!!

ROYALS team in 1985

These are some players from 1985.George brett Bo Jackson and STEVE balbonie,were all good player in 1985.

games scored in all

In the 1985 world series. the score was a really good number for a world series score, 24 runs in the whole world series.And the last game was 11 to 0.

WOW that’s COOL!

THE stadiums in 1985

The stadiums were the ROYALS and CARDINALS played were,Kaufman and Kaufman Busch Busch and Busch again after that,game 6 and 7 were at Kaufman.

Fun Facts

There were 32 players.

The manger was Dick Howser.

There roster had 14 pitchers in it.

The most home runs on the the team was Steve Balboni with 35 home runs in the postseason.

They had no rookies on their team at that time.

George brett hit 30 home runs in his postseason.
The cardinals won 3 games,2 where at the beginning of the world series.

Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Roster:a pitcher line up

Rookie:a new player on the team

world series:The last games of the season

postseason:the last games before the world series

last game

On the 7th game of the world series the Royals are up 11-0 in the 9th.

Will the royals win again 30 years from now????????

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