Kindergarten News

January 31, 2015

Children have enjoyed writing "How-To" books during writing time. This week we talked about labeling each step, using transitional words such as : first, last , next and then as well as planning our pages before we begin writing and drawing. The children have written books titled: How to make a bed, How to change a flat tire, How to fit the blocks on the shelf, How to make a salad, How to pick an apple and many more. I am learning a lot!

In math, we continue to work on counting, writing and representing numbers. We are also continuing to solve story problems but are now attaching an equation to the story problem. In kindergarten, we call this part, part, whole(or total). We will spend a great deal of the rest of the year working on breaking numbers into parts and combining parts to make a total. This will lay the conceptual understanding for becoming fluent in addition between 0 and 5 which is an end of year kindergarten benchmark.

News and Information

As noted in Friday folders, students will be bringing home math homework Monday-Thursday. This will always be a review and should only take a few minutes. Please return the homework daily.

Thank you for sending in snow gear, the children loved playing in the snow! IF we get more snow, please resend!

NO SCHOOL on Friday, February 12th due to parent teacher conferences.

SHARE- to celebrate our 100th day of school, please have your child bring in 100 of an item on their share day! (pennies, legos, cheerios etc.) They should be able to explain how they grouped their count (groups of 10's, 5's etc.) If your child's share day is Friday, they can bring it in any other day that week!

We have begun practicing for our school play. Typically we practice on Friday afternoons at 2:00. Ask your child to demonstrate some of the sign language they are learning!