HD Quality Qur'an Mp3 Speakers

Ideal Ramadan Gift for your loved ones! - AED 135 only

Complete Qur’an in HD Voice of more than 25 Famous Reciters (including Salah Bukhatir) and 20+ Translations.

* Features:

•MP3 Player with Remote Control

• Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari in HD Voice Quality.

• Athan Alarm and Qibla Direction.

• Voice Recorder and Player.

• Repeat Ayah or Surah.

• Hifzul Qur’an feature to help memorizing Qur’an page by page.

- Tafseer al-Jalalain (in Arabic)

Product Specification:

• Repeat Function, Books, Ayah search, HD Sound

Internal Memory: 8GB (with SD slot)

• Reciters: 20+

• Translations: 20+

• Downloadable Files - download any mp3 file straight from your PC onto the speaker.

• 3 Books.

Battery Type: Internally Fixed.

Charging: USB

• USB Connectivity.

* Additional MP3 files:

• Al Ruqyah Al Shariah .

• Names of ALLAH.

  • Special Nasheed
  • Qaida Noraniya

• Prayer Timings.

• Word by Word Recitation.

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Available in black, gold, silver, and red.

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