Small Locker Studios

Web Design Agency

What We Offer:

We offer two types of websites; WIX or WORDPRESS. Once you decide that, we will custom design your website and from there can then integrade social media pages into your website. Pictures, Music, & Videos can also be added and many other things can be added to make sure your website is the best it can be!

Meet Our Team:

Garrett Burr

Garrett is the lead director and "go-to" guy when it comes to embedding sleek and sophisticated applications into our websites and he makes it look as simple as ABC. In his spare time, aside from being our team's web guru, he is a video game fanatic of all genres.

Brailea Tipton

Brailea is the Project Manager for Small Locker Studios, maximizing resource allocation and optimizing our project queue to ensure timely delivery of commissioned work. Brailea also functions as the teams Creativity Director, using her uncanny abilities to create the perfect online "look" every time.

Alfredo Rincon

Alfredo is a hybrid designer and developer. His portfolio includes interactive projects ranging from websites to complete social media integration. Utilizing popular content management systems such as Drupal, Wix and Wordpress, he has successfully created user-friendly interfaces for our clients. Alfredo brings a wide range of design skills and a specific attention to detail to the Small Locker team.

Contact Us:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We will gladly answer them to the best of our abilities!