Consequences of Drinking & Driving

Simulation and Guest Speaker Set for Monday, October 21st

FCCLA Project Simulation and Guest Speaker on Drinking and Driving

Good evening, Parents and Guardians:

Throughout the day on Monday, October 21, 2019, CHS FCCLA will be facilitating a program about the consequences of drinking and driving called, “The Grim Reaper Project.”

According to statistics, one teen is killed every 50 minutes as a result of a drunk driving accident. To simulate this statistic, Mr. Nagel will visit a classroom every 50 minutes and identify one student who will represent that statistic. By the end of the day, eight students will represent the number of students killed by a drunk driving accident in one school day. These students will be dressed in black, will wear a lanyard that indicates that they are representing a statistic, and will not speak throughout the remainder of the day.

The eight students representing the statistics are FCCLA students who were chosen in advance with parent permission. We will not be selecting random students to participate in the activity.

During 8th period, students will attend a school-wide assembly featuring ThinkSmart guest speaker Marlana Felty, a spokesperson for Missouri Safe and Sober, whose choices caused her injuries. Felty will share her story to encourage students to make better choices.

This project is a serious simulation intended to provide students with a visual representation of the impacts of drunk driving as well as provide a first-hand account of how drunk driving could affect their lives.

As always, if you have questions, please let me know.


Dr. Watkins