By:Brock & Hector

Latin Translation

Syreni Mare

Size of the Seamaid

Length:1.8 meters

Width:2 meters

Height:3 meters

What does it eat?

Fish, Small rodents, and Crabs

How will it catch/get food and water?

The Seamaid goes under water and and uses his sharp teeth, fast instincts, and wolverine claws to shred apart fish. On land they sit on their fish tail and plays defense against other predators like hermit crabs and small rodents

How will it keep warm/cool?

They have thick white polar bear fur to keep them warm and when they go under water when its hot outside to cool down

Where will it take shelter?

They will dig holes in under sand or take shelter in under water caves

How will it protect/Defend itself?

Shard pointy teeth, when attacked claws latch onto prey and use their fast instincts

How will it protect/Defend its young from attackers

Kangaroo like pouch in front and back of its body
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Seamaid Over Time.....


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