6th Grade Newsletter

(from 6th Grade Teaching Staff)

Language Arts -- Melissa Atchison

We've had a FABULOUS start to the new year!

The first week we wrote our "I Can'ts" -- thinks we think (or thought) we couldn't do in 6th grade. We went outside, dug a hole, and buried them. We know that whether we think we can or think we can't, we're right! The focus this year will be I CAN!!!

We moved on to creating our Adjective Stars. They are up all around the classroom -- sort of my crown molding! Each student made one with their name in the center and put an adjective describing different aspects of their personality on each of the five star points. They are beautiful!

The second week, we began our Interactive Notebooks. We created pages with the 8 Parts of Speech and Hard-and-Fast Rules for Capitalization and Commas. We'll be able to refer to these rules all year long!

We also wrote our first essay, a journal entry on our first impression of sixth grade. I love their honesty! :)

Also this week, we had our first list of spelling words. It's important for students to know how to spell their teachers' names, so that's how we eased into spelling this year.

A word about cursive v. printing: studies have shown that cursive is a smoother way to get thoughts from your head to the paper. However since most of the students have not practiced cursive since they learned it in third grade, I'll encourage the use of cursive but not require it. We've already had some review lessons in how to correctly form the letters (actually, in both cursive and print!), so if your student chooses to write in cursive, we'll make sure it's the correct way.

Your children are wonderful -- very caring and compassionate towards each other -- as well as very confident and mature. Well, for sixth graders, anyway! It's going to be a GREAT year!


What a wonderful start to the year! I am really excited to get to know each student. We have started the year off reviewing dictionary skills and literary elements (setting, plot, characters, conflict and theme). On Friday, we’ll have our first open note test applying their knowledge. Next week, students will start receiving homework on Monday (Tuesday for next week) and it will be due on Friday. My tutoring times are on Tuesday and Thursday before and after school. Students are encouraged to come for homework help or reteaching of any previously taught concept. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

~Mrs. Sevarino


Multiplication Mania is here! We will be reviewing multiplication, division, deduction and equivalent facts in a game style setting. Each class has selected a math superhero to help them master each day's challenge. The goal is to provide a fun, but productive way for students to "beef up" their basic math super powers so they can work on our new concepts more effectively. All of the 6th grades TEKS have multiplication as an underlying base skill.

--Mrs. Rogers--

6th Grade Science--Coach Murray

We started the year of with an exciting Apollo 13 Challenge in 6th grade science! Students were presented with a problem and worked in groups in an effort to complete their mission. The challenge consisted of building an implement and persevering as scientists. Students had to formulate a plan and then put that plan to action. Pictured below is the group who successfully completed the mission.

This week we've been working on elements and compounds and will be moving on to types of matter and density soon.

Big image

Social Studies

Wow, what a wonderful first two weeks! Students are working hard on building their geography skills. They have practiced using their cardinal directions this week as we discussed how we all get to school each day. We're using latitude and longitude to find locations, continents, countries, and oceans. Students are also measuring distance between cities by using scale. Coming up we will be learning about the five themes of geography.

~Mrs. Edmondson~