Tourette Syndrome

What is this

What is the disease

  • A neurological Syndrome when a person has vocal or motor tics
  • A disorder when sudden involuntary movements and vocalizations occur reaptedly
  • A inheritance tic disorder with multiple tics

How many people are affected

  • 1 of every 360 children 6 through 17 have Tourette Syndrome
  • 1 in 100 chlidren have some type of Tourette Syndrome
  • Tourette Syndrome affects 200,000 Americans

What causes it

  • The cause is unknown
  • Scientists don't exactly know what causes it
  • The exact cause is not know yet

How is it inherited

  • It is inherited from one parent
  • The inheritance pattern is unknown
  • A autosomal dominant disorder is one the you get from only one parent

How is it diagnosed

  • A diagnosis is made after a patient has had motor and vocal tics for 1 year
  • A psychiatric disorder that is given after 1 year of tics
  • Diagnosis only made after assessing the child's symptoms

What are its symptoms

  • Tics are classified as a complex or simple symptoms
  • The main symptom is tics but some are mild
  • The hallmark sign of Tourette is tics

How is the disease treated

  • Most people require no medication for tics
  • Some people don't need treatment unless their symptoms bother them
  • There is no cure but their is treatment

Other interesting facts

  • 86% of children with TS have one more mental condition
  • Ts is an axis disorder
  • If a child has tics for one year doctors call it a chronic tic disorder