Tech Tips Tuesday

Omnibox and Chrome


In Chrome the address bar or Omnibox is much more than just an address bar.

1. It searches automatically to google, so you don't need to go to search (also you can drag a key word to the omnibox and it will automatically search it for you)

2. It is a timer, just type 5 minute timer, and it will bring up a 5 minute timer.

3. It will do calculations for you, if you don't want to search through your computer for your calculator

4. It will also do unit conversions for you, for whatever reason you might need that.

Accidentally Closed A Tab?

So I already shared this tip for Chromebooks (ctrl + shirt + 1)

On Desktops

Ctrl + Shift + T

On Macs

Command + Shirt + T


There are a few ways to zoom on your computer.

Ctrl + (Zoom In)

Ctrl - (Zoom Out)

Hold Ctrl and your mouse wheel will zoom in and out.

Extension: Black Menu

Pretty much puts all the things we use for Google into one easy menu where you don't have to open tabs unless you really want to. Just starting to use it but seems pretty cool.

Below are some reviews.

Don GabeModified 3 days ago

Easier access to everything I need with my emails and google drive documents! This is awesome!

William McKeeverModified Aug 22, 2015

I rely on google services to keep my business running and this is fantastic. I love the ability to switch accounts and see relevant information without having to open a million tabs! Bravo