Robots in the Real World

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Today's Technology

What is a 'Robot'?



1. A machine that resembles a human and performs routine tasks on command.

Where did the term 'Robot' come from?

The base word robot- comes from the term robota meaning compulsory labour and the term robotnik meaning a peasant owing such labour.

Why do we have robots?

People need robots for dangerous, high-precision work. Robots perform tasks in hostile environments that are impossible for humans with speed and accuracy. Without robots, our modern industrialized world would not be possible.

My Robot - ASIMO by Honda


  • It is the height of a human (4'3")
  • It recognizes human postures, gestures and activities and can interact with humans
  • It recognizes sounds, faces and environments and detects movement
  • It can walk, run and move like a human
  • It can perform human tasks and communicate verbally and motion-wise


  • It cannot get up once it has fallen
  • It cannot jump
  • It isn't waterproof
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