Poetry Project

Yareli Valdez

I wish...

I wish I had no problems.

I wish I had someone to trust.

I wish I had never turned into a teenager.

I wish I had no feelings.

I wish I had money.

I wish I had someone who wouldn't turn me into rust.

I wish I had good grades.

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

Ballad // woman.

I am a woman


phenomenal woman,

that's me.

Strong and brave,

never to surrender.

I am a woman,

not an old grave.

Free verse // stars and you.

The stars are bright at night.

But you still shine bright and big during shine.

The stars form a smile on my face.

But you create my happiness.

The stars bring me light.

But you light up my life.

The stars make me think of being with you.

But when I'm with you, the stars don't seem to matter...