Start the next 9 weeks: Lesson 8

げつようび (getsuyoubi-Monday)- Mar 27, 2017

Today's Important Info:


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. ^o^ We start a new 9 weeks starting TODAY. So we are starting a clear slate with your grades for this 9 weeks. Please do your BEST. WE START Lesson 8 TODAY: うちでなにをしますか。What do you do at home?

*Before you move on to lesson 8!!!

Please be sure to go over your midterm exams part 1 and 2:

  • view your grades
  • view what you have incorrect
  • make sure that the ones that the computer graded are graded correct (just in case I missed it.)
  • IF YOU DID NOT TAKE THE MIDTERM EXAM PART 1 AND/OR PART 2 Take it ASAP TODAY!!! (If you have questions, please text me or email me asap)
  • Check all your grades.
  • Still grading late work and midterm exams. >o< So please bare with me.

☻ /

  • Please be SURE to attend your SCHEDULED coaching sessions this week!!
  • Please be sure to complete your work in time using the syllabus (where all the due dates are listed)! You DO NOT want to get behind!

Katakana Lessons!

Click here to learn about Katakana, as well as learn the stroke orders for each character by animation of letters. ^o^

Lesson 8 Assignments:

  • Lesson 8 content is due Tuesday.
  • Lesson 8 writing is due Tuesday.
  • Lesson 8 cultural discussion is due Wednesday
  • Lesson 8 Speaking assignment is due Thursday
  • Lesson 8 QUIZZES are due Friday.
  • Lesson 8 Language Coaching Sessions 1 & 2

  • This weeks characters: ア、イ、ウ、エ、オ、カ、キ、ク、ケ、コ、ガ、ギ、グ、ゲ、ゴ。
Week 10 Newsletter

Please go over this newsletter for this week. ^o^