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Thought for the Week

How far should we go to find out the 'news'?

Our last TftW was about the importance of being informed as a global citizen. Students and staff at Campsmount discussed the vital role of journalists and the value of the information they give us. Some of us even considered the impact the delivery of these stories can have on the mood of entire nations and how the media is a powerful tool for propaganda. The Christmas break saw the tragic accident involving world famous F1 driver Michael Schumacher

Journalist dresses up as Priest to gain access to Schumacher's hospital room!

The press have revealed that a journalist tried to get into the hospital room were the severely injured man is being treated by pretending to be a Priest. So this week we are considering the balance between people's privacy, the public's desire to be informed and the vast amounts of money to be made by those individuals who provide this information.