Push and pull factors

Push and pull factors

Nigeria: Religous Persecution

Christians are moving out of this country because they are being attacked by Muslims.

These people are moving to Europe and the United States.

Boko Haram and other Islamic extremists in Nigeria use the Christmas and New Year's holidays as a time to target and terrorize the Christian population of northern and central Nigeria. Boko Haram, whose expressed goal is to create a purely Islamic state in Nigeria's northern regions, has been encouraging Fulani Muslims to attack Christians in an effort to drive them out of what Boko Haram claims to be Muslim lands.

Siberia: Ethnic Persecution

Non siberians were forced out of the country during ww2.

These people went anywhere they were allowed, mostly Europe and the United States.

The term was coined early in 1992 by Serbian nationalists citing the forced removal of non-Serbs from territory claimed or sought by Serbs. It also followed slaughter, starvation and sexual violence against Bosniaks by Serb and Croat soldiers and civilians. The term was also cited in academia as "the euphemistic lexicon of zealotry" with such descriptions as the final solution for the Holocaust.

Environmental Factors

A. Japan

B. They are moving out of this country so that they may restart what they had before the great tsunami hit. Another reason is that their children are unable to handle the amount of pollution in the air, so it's going to be better for their kids and their families.

C. Most immigrants move to either China or the United States, so they can keep the same customs they had before immigrating.

Economic Motives

A. Canada

B. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made significant changes to streamline the steady flow of immigrants. The immigrants from Canada immigrate to the United States, Europe and Ireland, because the problems in Canada are health care, border problems, and enviromental issues.

C. The immigrants from Canada immigrate to the United States, Europe and Ireland.

Political factors


After the North Vietnamese victory of the Vietnam War, many Vietnamese citizens left Vietnam using boats to avoid the rule of the Communist government.

The individuals fled to Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries to find political freedom.

Forced migration


The British government conceived the idea of transportation as a humane alternative to the death penalty and a practical solution to overcrowded prisons.Convicts were forced to leave England for these reasons.

The individuals were sent to Australia by their government