Dare to be different


Leo is the main charater when Stargirl came to the school he had a crush on her he just doesnt know it yet.Stargirl she is a bright free soul and she has a crush on Leo.

Kids pick

The best part is when they were at the mall and they were playing a people watching game.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

 But Kevin was screaming on the phone. pg.22   I bolted from the truck pg22.Kevin was at the gate,windmilling his arm pg22. "See better up here", He said yanking me into the stands. pg12.She swirled like a dust devil. pg22


A story about a new girl at school her name is Stargirl.She is not like everyone else .Leo likes her he has a crush on her but in the beginning he does not know it yet.When they start dating everyone shunns them Leo has to pick her or them


This is what I used for sources for the book Stargirl. Google images, google,and bing