Come to the colonies

By: Dylan Taylor

The colonies

If you are looking for a great place to live with every thing you ask for, well let me tell you, you came to the right place, the cosines has what you need from land-forms, to cultures. but which on would you move to, southern, middle, or new England.

Come to the New England colony

In the New England colony, we have great land forms that really gets peoples attention to live here, such as our thin rich rocky soil, that's good your looking for a Mining job, which the New England colony also has, our beautiful Atlantic ocean coast, That is perfect for fishing, and our forests that is useful for cutting down timber. In New England some of our main natural resources is, Timber from the big forests,and lots of fish and whale from along the coast. Up in the New England we have cold windy climate, so dress warm. Most kids will go to school to be educated.

In New England we have a bunch of jobs that if you move, you will be very interested in, here are a few. There is farming, that may or may not come with a slave that helps you on your farm, it just depends how big your farm is. There is cutting timber from one of the forests, Building ships or government buildings, there is hunting or fishing whale and fish, there is trading other goods or natural recrosses. There is tons of reasons why you should move to the New England colony.

Come to the Middle colony

In the Middle colony we have a warm windy climate that is great for most of the seasons. There is tons of resources that we have in the Middle colony, here are some main ones, their is lots wheat from the farms, vary little cattle that could be used for food, there is fur from different kinds of animals, ships, that mostly are used for fishing, and the Middle colony also has a bunch of iron.

Some jobs that we have in the Middle colony that a lot of people do why there living are

  • Building ships
  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Cutting timber
  • whiting
  • Black smith

Some important land forms that git a lot of people to move hear are

  • Atlantic Ocean coast
  • Rich rocky soil
  • Forests

Hear are some of the goods, foods, and trades they used.

  • Rich soil
  • wheat

come to the southern colony

In the southern colony the type of climate is warm and windy,

In the southern there were a lot lot of land forms, hear are a few.

  • Rich rocky soil
  • flat grass land
  • Atlantic ocean coast

There are tuns of main recourse that used in the southern colony, hear are few.

  • Tabasco
  • Rice
  • rich soil
  • fish

For all the men and woman out there, that are looking for a job, the southern has some that you might be interested in.

  • Farming
  • trading
  • mining
  • building
  • whetting
  • blacksmith
  • lumberjack

some goods and and trades that the southern used was,

  • crash crops
  • tobacco
  • rice