Is Canada the best place to live in


In my opinion i would say yes Canada is the best place to live in.Their are many reasons to say this because Canada is a country that has allot of pull factors that attracct people to canada like(many jobs due to  its growing economy,free healthcare,Free Education and Livable communities) Canada also Imports and exports allot because of Canada's wealth in rare resources like (Oil,fresh water,energy).Canada is also a safe community to live in and study safely because Canada has reached its lowest crime rate in 40 years.

Canada's Population

Canada's Population consists of Aboriginals,Immigrants and Canadians the total population of Canada in 2012 is 34.88 million as for the aboriginals separate population in 2006 is 1,1172,785 and they take up only 4% of canadas population,also an average of 250,000 immigrants enter Canada annually which proves the fact that Canada is a multicultural.Canada's population growth as of 2013 is 0.77% as for birth and death rates in 2013 birth rates are 10.28/1000 people and death rates are 8.2/1000 people which means that the amount of deaths is lower than birth.


Canada has a great amount of land with many scarce recourses such as Oil and gas,mining,forestry Canada Exports many of their rescources to foreign countries for example canada exports to china minerals like Coal, iron ores and copper ores which help in Canada's GDP in 2012 the GDP per capita is 52,218.99 USD.Canada lately have been trying to keep their rescources sustainable the goverment have made a program called the sustainable development strategy for organizations in canada which is the goverment finding ways to develop social,financial and enviromental resources that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in canada.

interactions with physical enviroment

Canada is a safe Country (disaster wise) one of the last biggest disasters that hit Canada was the Newfoundland Hurricane of 1775 but can Canada take another big disaster? Canada has been trying to find ways to decrease the impact of the disaster one of the solutions they came up with is not building houses in disaster-prone areas. Canada is trying to be vulnerable to natural disasters so far Canada has made their buildings more vulnerable to disasters (like earthquakes) they have put investment to strengthen the seismic resilience of public infrastructure.

Soil and vegetation

Canada is well known for its fertile soil and lands which helps our agriculture allot it lets us harvest many crops like winter wheat,spring,wheat,fall rye,oats and barley.Which are exported to foreign countries like (china,Us,UK,Mexico)

Livable Communities

Canada has many great livable communities like (Mississauga,Toronto GTA) etc. which Canada has been trying to sustain for coming generations Canada has been working on projects to do this like teaching this generations youth about sustainability,Canada has also been working on making their Agricultural lands sustainable by Addressing climate Change,Maintaining water,shrinking the environmental Footprint.

Urban sprawl

Urban Sprawl is the uncontrollable growth of an urban area canada is affected by urban sprawl 80% of us choose to live in urban areas and cities What canada should try to control it before it goes even more out of our control.


As i said earlier in my opinion yes canada is best place to live there are many supporting factors as i mentioned earlier. my conclusion is yes canada is the best place to live in.