The Red Pyramid

Rick Riordan


In the beginning, Carter and Sadie's dad blow up the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum which releases the evil Egyption god, Set. In that process, Carter's dad get sealed in a magical golden sarcaphagus created by Set. Also, Carter and Sadie find out that they have the powers of the Egyption gods Ra, the god of the Sun, and Isis, the goddess of rebirth. Ra with Carter and Isis in Sadie. In the middle, they train with their magical abilities while also fighting some of Set's minions here and there. Near the end, they free their dad from the sarcophagus inside a a glowing red pyramid before defeating Set stopping him from

Setting and Main Characters

The setting(s) are somewhere around Ancient Egypt, Brooklyn, New York and Paris, France. The main characters are Carter, Sadie, Ra, Isis, and their bodygaurd/friend, Bast.