Natural Gas

By: Tralexus Whitehead

What is a Natural gas?

Natural gas is a fossel fuel like petroleum and coal. Natural gas is called a fossil fuel because most scientists believe that it was formed from the remains of ancient sea plants and animals.

Renewable or Non-renewable?

Natural gas is non-renewable

Where is it found on earth?

Natural gas can be hard to find since it is trapped in the porous rocks, deep underground. Natural gas can be found in pockets by itself or in petroleum deposits.

How does it work to produce energy for individuals,whole groups, or communities?

Today natural gas is produced in 32 states, though just five states produce 65 percent of our supply. Natural gas is also produced offshore.

Are there products created or other uses for this source?

A source of natural gas is the gas produced in landfills. Landfill gas is considered a renewable source of natural gas since it comes from something continually produced by trash. Natural gas is an important energy source to provide heating and electricity. It is also used as fuel for vehicles and as a chemical feedstock in the manufacture of plastic and other commercially important organic chemicals.

Who uses it?

Just about everyone in the United States uses natural gas. Industrys burns natural gas for heat to manufacture goods. Natural gas is also used as an ingredient in fertilizer , glue,  paint,  laundry detergent,and many other items.