London Boy

Editor and Producer: Alex Centis

Multiple Boys found on Stranded Island

A number of boys have been rescued from a island right outside of Great Britain, a total of 8 boys. The boys were supposed to be taken to a safe location, so that if Great Britain was to be bombed. The planes where shot down by Nazi bullets and the boys landed on a island. The boys landed without a adult, so it was chaotic. A near by ship had spotted a smoke erupting from the island and then started to head over toward the island. Captain Jones of the S.S. Safe Haven turned the ship toward the island to check out what could have led to the smoke. As he stumbles upon the island he sees a number of boys play fighting in raggedy clothes that were torn and worn away. Captain Jones took in all the boys onto the ship and had a team scout for more boys that could be on the island hiding. He described that all the boys were crying when they were aboard the ship and one boy reached out to the other one and started to punch and kick the other.

What have the Boys witnessed?

Interview 1: Jack Merridew

An Interview was taken between Jack Merridew, one of the leaders of the stranded boys, and our top journalist, Joseph Wong. Jack described his time on the island as Paradise during the day and Hell at night. He also described how he helped the boys and saved them from starvation, by hunting the wildlife on the island(primarily pigs). Jack talked about how all the boys were communicating except for Ralph Golding and a boy he called "Piggy". The boy named "Piggy" was found dead, supposedly crushed by a rock. When asked about this Jack stated, " Indeed, Piggy was crushed flat by a Bloody rock from out of nowhere, I miss that bugger"

Interview 2: Ralph Golding

We decided to ask Ralph the same questions we asked Jack Merridew and compare the stories. When asked about the Island, Ralph immediately described how everyone wanted to play around and not try to do any work. He described that all the boys were off doing whatever they wanted and didn't want to do any work. He also described how Jack and his Chore just wanted to hunt pigs all day. "The only chap that wanted to work on the shelter were Simon. But he was sadly murdered. Jack that bloody fool just wanted to kill pigs and cook the meat." Ralph described how Jack wanted to kill him and Piggy. He tried to tell Mr. Wong that Roger was the one to kill Piggy, by shoving a rock and having it land on Piggy. After that he refused to answer anymore questions and started to cry.

What Now?

The boys have returned home, but the War is still in full affect. Soon these boys will most likely be put onto the front lines to fight the people that shot down their plane.