Digital Citizenship

by: Smore created by: Chandler Phile

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship, is when you have enough money to afford internet.

Internet Safety

  • Never ever go on bad sites, that say 18+
  • always keep your password a secret or YOU will get hacked and would lose your internet life.
  • Make sure you looked up reviews about item/website.
  • If you do lose your password make sure you change it as quick as possible

Internet safety

  • Showing that you are safe on the internet can impress employees
  • It would be awesome not to get hacked
  • It will make your life ten thousand more easier
  • Plus less of a chance to get robbed

Privacy and Secuity

Let's say you're on MySpace and you typed to a friend "hey I'll BRB", and when you signed back in you see that you supposedly message your friend so bad stuff. This is because another person is trying to get into your profile and trying to get your personal stuff, easy way to prevent this

  • have different passwords for everything
  • make sure you know a person is safe before talking to them
  • always read the forms
  • change all passwords you have then tell everyone you where hacked
  • and finally track down the hacker and sue him for everything he/she has

Privacy and Secuity

Privacy Student Intro Video - The Digital Footprint

How it is positive

This Digital citizenship is positive because it means your safe, and you have a better chance at a job that some one else can't because they have terrible digital citizenship