Country Project

By Eva Boering

Basic facts

The country I am doing is Israel, the capital city is Jerusalem. The flag shown to the right is Israel's flag and here is the meaning: the blue stripes mean to symbolize the stripes on a tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl. The Star of David on the flag is an acknowledged symbol of the Jewish people.

The Geography

Israel is on the continent Asia, and is surrounded by Jordan, Syria, and Egypt.Coastal plain, Samarian hills, Negev Desert are all major land-forms. Western wall, Masada, Dome of the rock, Yad Vashem, and the tower of David are major landmarks in Israel. the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River which flows through both of Israel’s lakes are bodies of water. Since Israel is relatively dry they need irrigation to help water their plants and that is human environmental interaction


Parliamentary democracy is Israel’s government with Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s prime minister. A Parliamentary democracy is where The people choose the executives which chooses the prime minister. The citizens are free and have freedom of speech, religion and other things.


Israel’s GDP is very high so Israel is fairly rich. Israel uses the money for new roads, schools..., they get most of their money from oil.


Their clothing style is mostly Tzniut which in Hebrew means Modesty. Traditional Judaism requires men and women to practice modesty of dress. The men generally wear long pants usually black and often long shirts (mostly white) and women wear long-sleeved blouses and ankle-length dresses, and the color schemes are more subdued and sedate (no hot pinks). The lengths of sleeves, dresses, and head covering vary.Hebrew Arabic are the languages spoke in Israel. The top charts and music are very similar to the U.S.'s. Shabbat is a major holiday celebrated there. . Judaism is the main religion in Israel because that’s where Abraham founded that religion.Here is a list of Israeli food, Falafel – deep fried chickpea balls, often served in pita bread

Hummus – a mashed chickpea spread, hummus can be served in many ways and is a staple in Israeli households

Malawach – this flaky round pastry can be enjoyed with sweet or savory toppings

Pita bread – the “national bread” of Israel

Sabih – a sandwich of fried eggplant, hard boiled egg, tahini in pita

Shnitzel – chicken cutlets breaded and fried, Israeli supermarkets also offer many varieties of frozen “shnitzelim” to be enjoyed easily at home

Shwarma – grilled lamb or other meat that is then sliced or “shaved”, often enjoyed in pita or laffa bread are all major foods in Israel.Visual art, Theater and dance are very popular entertainment in Israel.


Their Climate is Subtropical.In 2014 their yearly rainfall was 435 in.The yearly average temperature was 67 F for 2014. The Temperature and rain does not affect them because it is not extremely hot or cold.


In 1948 The Israeli flag became the official flag of Israel. The first Israeli legislative election was held in 1949 which David Ben-Gurion became Prime Minister.The first flag helped them become an official country.The election helped them be a Parliamentary democracy.

Comparison to the USA

The USA has a democracy and Israel also has a democracy. Both the U.S. have a high GDP.

Israel has a Parliamentary democracy and the U.S. does not. The US and Israel’s Literacy rate is in the high 90’s. These two countries are close allies and wars, reason being they are very similar.

Israel's history in a nutshell