Come To Mesopotamia

Reason why you should come to our civilization

Here are some fact about our civilization

  • Mesopotamia (from the Greek , meaning between two rivers.
  • The invention of the wheel is also credited to the Mesopotamians and, in 1922 CE.
  • Mesopotamia as know in antiquity as a seat of learning, and it is believed that thales of miletus ( know as the first philosopher ) studies there.

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  1. , Larry page , and Sergey brin
  2. ,Alexander graham bell

what are the characteristics of mesopotamian

  • The characteristics of Mesopotamian civilization included the city-state, irrigation, polytheistic religion, three distinct social classes and the development of the solar calendar. Mesopotamian civilization is thought to have been the first human civilization center of the world. The 'two rivers' of the name referred to the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers and the land was known as 'Al-Jazirah' (the island) by the Arabs referencing what Egyptologist J.H. Breasted would later call the Fertile Crescent, where Mesopotamian civilization began. Mesopotamian polytheism was the only religion in ancient Mesopotamia for thousands of years before entering a period of gradual decline beginning between the 1st and 3rd centuries CE.