Teen Homelessness

Teens for Jeans

About Teen Homelessness

No one knows the exact number of homeless teens, because of their continual mobility from one shelter to another. It is only believed that somewhere between a million and a million and a half or about 6 percent of the U.S. adolescent population has one or more periods of homelessness every year. Although they often leave abusive situations, life on the streets is no better and perhaps worse. These teens are victims of sexual predators, prostitution, substance abuse, serious mental or physical health issues and even death.

Teens for Jeans

One of three

Did you know one in three homeless people in the USA are under the age of 18? From November 12th until January 14th. DoSomething.org is partnering with clothing store Aeropostale to help collect new or gently worn jeans in the Teens for Jeans campaign.

Contact Coach peters or a member of av/production to get more involved.