Beacon Hills Head Start Program

Keeping your kids safe since 1976

Our Head Start Program is the best in town!

Some ways to let you know we are the best Program for you is, we have all College graduates in education and kids health working here. Also we also have great music and art programs. Third we have a clean tobacco free property. We also have sports programs, its great to get kids involved and make new friends Since we have been working since 1976 you could say we've get the hang of things.
Making Health Easier: Healthy Changes Start in Preschool

Come join us!

We have open houses August 10th from 2-5, for one-on-one conversations if you have any question or just interested in enrolling your child. Im sorry to say that after the program has begun you can not enroll your child.

Beacon Hills head start program

If you want to contact us you way do so with the information below.