Pumpkin Book Character Project

Optional Project ~ Bring anytime in October

Turn a foam pumpkin into a book character!

  • can be a family project
  • bring in props if you'd like
  • you can even use more than one pumpkin
  • remember to use features specific to your character you can use a variety of different materials like pipe cleaners, googly eyes, felt, paint, etc
  • have a pumpkintacular time creating your book character pumpkin

Start with a pumpkin. Real pumpkins quickly rot, therefore the foam

pumpkins that are available at craft stores are very much preferred .

Use the “pumpkin project blueprint” to sketch out ideas and make a list

of the supplies you will need.

Gather your supplies and have fun being creative. You are welcome to

do this on your own or have fun completing it as a family project.

Please plan to bring a copy of the book to display with your completed


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