The Big Shebang Poems!

By: TaylerS.

Darkness- Personification

The moon guides me through the darkness of the night.

I seem to be going through the woods,


The woods remind me of a haunted house,

Silent and still but also kind of spooky.

Sally Sue- Alliteration

Sally Sue sold some shoes.

Sally Sue shipped the shoes.

So Sally Sue bought new shoes.

Hot Chocolate- Imagery

So I am at the bakery,

It smells like vanillla.

It's winter time so it's VERY chilly.

I bought a hot chocolate,

It was so soathing.

There was lot's of marshmallow's,

And one by one I swallowed them.

"SLURP,SLURP," I hear,

Oh no. The end is near.

All that's left is some chocolate powder that diddn't get mixed up.

So I wiped my chocolate mustache off

And sipped away the last few drops.