Off To War!!!

There is a need for battle!!

Who's for the Game?

This poem is mainly describing how different countries will involve themselves in the war if it does happen. It uses a show and an audience as a metaphor to the countries involved and those watching. The poem also tries to persuade the reader that he or she should go or “be out of the fun.” This poem speaks to the reader so that the poem can be portrayed as speaking to the whole country or just one individual. It talks about what actions countries will take. It talks about countries waiting to be called or forced into battle. It talks about becoming injured but know what your sacrifice has done for your country. It talks about countries staying as far away as they can from battle but taking part in watching the battles happen. The poem finally puts a little twist and talks about how each country will eventually become neck deep in battle and your country will want you to fight so you might as well just go into battle rather than holding off for as long as you can.

A Necessity

-This was caused by one country defending another and then one country attacking them and so on and so forth but really if the countries didn't support each other than one country would have been completely destroyed

-Countries under mostly French and British ruling became independent after the war ended: Poland, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon

-Many cultures clashed and although many lives were lost I believe that many people mourned together which really created bonds together

Propaganda Art - WWI

Dear Son

Dear Son,

What your doing for your country is an amazing feat. I know that it is extremely dangerous and you can get hurt, but its worth it. Our country needs men like you to take down those ugly foreigners. We know you will come home and be safe, but you need to protect us. If you weren't going to their land and fighting them then we would be here near our home fighting them. You are protecting us and our family an our neighbors. We love you so much son, your doing whats best for the family. Your sister is almost 2 years old now. We want you to keep her alive. We love you.


Mom, Dad, and your little sister